Zyng™ Fun apps to play and share.

Zyng™ Fun apps to play and share.

Flappies (TM) Apps Shoot those Flappies!

Zyng LLC today is pleased to announce the release of Flappies Hunter and Flappies Hunter 60. No more pipes, no more flapping, the time has come to pop those Flappies(TM).
Flappies Hunter has unlimited bullets. The player has to shoot the Flappies before they get to the end of the screen. Highly addictive game.

Flappies Hunter 60 is a timed base shooting game. Players have 60 seconds to shoot down as many Flappies as they can. This game requires some thinking, because there are a limited number of bullets. Maximum score is 150. Can anybody achieve a perfect score? We couldn’t.

Download now:

Flappy Hunter:App Store
Flappy Hunter 60:App Store

Flappy School™

Zyng LLC announces the release of Heli Kitty 1.0 for iOS. The first app in the Flappy SchoolTM series.

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The Flappy School apps bring “Endless flap” to a new dimension. Our apps feature the gameplay and simple controls that players enjoy, but we have added different scenes and challenges that appear as the player progresses in the game. Snow, rain earthquakes, ghosts… anything is possible.

Our first app, Heli Kitty, is a homage to the now defunct Glitch® game. We love the glitch characters and environments and we decided to incorporate them into our apps. A big thanks to Tiny Speck, http://tinyspeck.com for sharing them with the world.

Game and Video Apps

Frozen Apps

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Zyng makes the invisible, visible. Fireworks, snow a crazy snowman… Make videos and share with the world.

Frozen Snowman

Frozen Snowman Pro
Frozen Snowman Pro
Frozen Camera
Frozen Camera

Flappy School Apps

Our Team

Kandus Simpson

Carmen Simpson
Project management

Syed Ali Haider
Game Development

Fraz Khan
CGI head

Sean Cuadra
Media Manager

Palmer Simpson
Creative consultant

Truong Cong Hau
Graphic Designer and Illustrator